Monday Night Football

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Was that not a GREAT Monday Night Football game?  Also the city looked GREAT on ESPN, except for the few shots where they used stock video and the MODIS sign was still on the building downtown where it clearly has been changed to Wells Fargo.

Our Defense really played like their lives depended on it, and shut the Baltimore Ravens down.
Take that Ray Lewis, with your little gay dance.  Jags 12 Ravens 7.

Monday Night Cursing….. I mean Football

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After last night, we think that 2 Monday Night Football games is 1 too many….   Don’t get us wrong , here at FishbowlJax we love football, but it was just too much.    Maybe if that last game were 2 better teams…..

What actually made our night was former NFL QB, now broadcaster Ron Jaworski letting the curse words fly..   LOVED IT!!!!!   Why not let the broadcasters drop a few here and there to get their points across????  Watch/listen to the video below…