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This week has been pretty eventful down at old Everbank Field.

Let’s forget about how the nation will be watching us on Monday night as we play in the first of two ESPN Monday Night Football games this year.  Let’s also forget about the little 1-6 record.  Our team is under achieving and coach Jack Del Rio is on the hot seat……   (I can’t wait to hear the shit the ESPN crew has to say about us.)

This week we re-signed WR Mike Sims-Walker after he was released by the Rams on Monday. Now this is actually a good move since the Rams are on the hook for his salary this year.  I think we are paying him the league minimum.  I hope he knows that most players don’t get second chances on the NFL….  He better catch EVERYTHING that is thrown his way.

Also, it came to light this week that former QB David Garrard has a herniated-disc in his back that obviously he has had for some time.  His agent has “put it in the atmosphere” that the Jaguars knew about it, and released him because they didn’t want to pay him $500k per week to sit on the bench/recover.

Now perception is reality, and I don’t know if the team knew about this injury, BUT…….   it’s mighty coincidental that in the pre-season, they sat David for at least one of the games because of back issues…



Good Old Tom!!!!

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I don’t have an issue with Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio….  He’s a good guy who better get the team to the playoffs next year, but I honestly miss former coach Tom Coughlin.

He may have been a hard ass on the players, and got JSO to push that DUI his daughter got under the rug, but he was ok.

I have had the opportunity to talk to him on a few occasions, and the Jaguar Tom is a little different from the NY Giant Tom.

Here is a quote from the NY Tom this week after being asked about not reaching the playoffs:

“From the bottom of my heart and everybody’s….. we had a 10-and-6 season….., a 10-win season in the NFL, okay?”   “These critics can kiss my ass, okay? They can line up and kiss my ass……. It’s not an easy thing to do.”

BLACK Monday

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They call today BLACK MONDAY in the NFL… why? Because the coaches that aren’t doing too good start getting the ax on today. (Officially the end of the season for teams who aren’t in the playoffs).

Jags coach Jack Del Rio had his famous end of the season press conference scheduled for 2:00pm today……   but it was put on a indefinite hold about noon…  hmmmm 

I’m hearing that good old Jack called off the press conference to have a meeting with Jaguar owner Wayne Weaver

More to come…..