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It’s time for another edition of…..Ask Fishbowljax.  Don’t forget if you have questions you can email them to: 


What is your favorite local media?


I really miss the days of Tom Wills and Debroah Gianolis. (I think I spelled that right)


They were top notch. Channel 4 has always had my attention when it comes to news.  Now that CBS 47 shit looks like a high school TV class.  Dawn Lopez needs to go to a bigger market and get the hell outta there.


For print media goes.    I love Folio weekly!!!  They have the balls (like FishbowlJax) to tell it like it is. Wait… maybe we should do something together…. Hmmmmm.    Does the Florida Star still exsist???


 I also like the MetroJacksonville , and urban Jax websites. 


Why does FishbowlJax always seem to “hate”?


Hate is such a strong word….  I hate?  I think we just say the shit that no one wants to bring up or say…


What is your favorite part of Jacksonville?


Good one…   I don’t really have ONE favorite part.  Since Jax is the largest city (land wise) we have EVERYTHING.   If I want to go to the beach I can.  If I want to go to the country and ride horses… I can.   If I want to live that urban city lifestyle I can but a condo at the Strand on the river.   Anything you want is here is this city/county.



-The Snitch










Folio’s 2010 Man of the Year….

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I’m a fan of Folio Weekly….   The No Holds Barred, Ball-Busting attitude they take towards media and reporting is refreshing…  It was also refreshing to see them choose UNF Professor Parvez Ahmed as their 2010 Person of the Year.  That gets a BOUQUET!!!!!!! (you gotta read Folio to get it)

Well speaking of UNF Professors…. Ognjen Milatovic was taken off a US Airways flight today and arrested for not turning off his cell-phone and acting all squirrelly. 

When will people learn???  The TSA is almost as gangsta as the IRS… you will go to jail…   Ask Wesley Snipes!!!!!!