How you been???

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Hello Everyone…..  We have been sitting and simmering for the last few weeks, and we have decided to tweek our site, and content. 


First of all we want to thank all of you who check FISHBOWLJAX on a daily basis.  We want to become a daily site that has a different point of view.  Let me change that. We WILL become a site with a different point of view.  We would really like to get our FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages a bit more active as well.  (of course click either word to go to that page and join us) 


We will continue to bring you the Duval gossip, but we are opening up the content to you the reader.   Please feel free to email us questions, comments, and we will do our best to answer them. 


Of course this is a poor man’s version of the old column “Ask Vic”.  Sure they have the new guy John O doing the “O-Zone”, but it’s just not he same as “Ask Vic”…….


If you are a FISHBOWLJAX newbie, just know that we are nowhere near politically correct.  Some may get offended, but hey….  We speak the truth!!


Our email is  and once again you can also join us on FACEBOOK or TWITTER….   Plus they are wide open 24/7 and 365 days of the year.  



We’ve been Gone……… Fishing…..

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Hello loyal FISHBOWLJAX readers…

We’ve been gone…… fishing for a few days, but we have returned.  We know we have missed a few things like the Sharks winning Arena Bowl, The Jags first pre-season game,  Mayor Brown dropping the axe of a few long time city worker, etc..

Don’t forget if you have any gossip for us, drop us a line at: