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So Mayor Alvin Brown is in Brazil with Governor Rick Scott…  “we are securing future jobs, business for Jax port, blah, blah, blah…”

 Here at FishbowlJax….  we know why men go to Brazil…    LOL…

 If we were mayor, I don’t think we would have missed the Monday Night Football game… would you???


Ask FishbowlJAX

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I have 1 word for you.  Jaguars.

Well that’s not really a question, but I’m going to assume you want the FishbowlJax’s thoughts on the team.   In a nut shell, it’s our home team so we will ride or die for them BUT….

 It was totally fucked up how they released David Garrard at the start of the season, and honestly we think that’s why the season is going this way.   Blaine Gabbert is a total diamond in the ruff, and our future is secure, but this season…. Not so much.


 Do you think Able Harding should have resigned?

 Hell No!!!   we have met Able on more than a few occasions, and understand totally how politics works, but a DUI is not a murder charge.  Let the man pay his fine, and continue on.  Now if it was his 3-4th DUI then that’s a different story.  We think mayor Alvin Brown asked him to step down because he didn’t want any negative press so early in his administration.


 What makes you  stay in Jacksonville vs going to a big city like NYC or LA?

 Well first of all…  about half of the FishbowlJax staff have worked/lived in “Major” markets.   Speaking for myself, the cost of living in major markets are extremely HIGH.  Of course the salaries are higher as well, but I love Duval county.  I moved to L.A. but between the earthquakes, smog and gang violence there is no place I would rather be.  Once again… just like Blain Gabbert… Jacksonville is a diamond in the ruff…


What do you think about the Lex and Terry situation?

Hmmm…  I think they got a raw deal coming back in this market on a “sports” station. Sure they had/have a following but coming back on an AM was not good.  Then they weren’t really promoted well.  Jacksonville Radio just sucks ass anyway.


Is Alvin Brown good mayor?

 It’s honestly too early to answer that.  He has made some good decisions, but it’s too early to see if he is just all talk….


Poor Abel

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You may not know who this guy is….   Well, this is Abel Harding, the spokesman for Mayor Alvin Brown and former columnist for the Times -Union

Well it seems that old Abel had a real good time in Gainesville at the Gator game Saturday night.  On his way home he was arrested for DUI in Hampton, FL (which is a small one-red light town on highway 301).

Abel has been placed on administrative leave from City Hall.




Here we go…..

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I mentioned that the race for the Mayor of Jacksonville would be heating up……

It seems that mayoral candidate Alvin Brown plans to file new campaign finance documents today to reflect a donation of more than $16,000 not shown in the previous report, which covered the last three months of 2010.

Questions have swirled for more than a week after the Florida Democratic Party reported the contribution to the Alvin Brown campaign, but there was no mention of it on Brown’s financial statements of contributions and expenditures.

I don’t know about you but I have misplaced $10…..  Even $20..   but $16K??????

Who Want To Be Mayor?

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Qualifying ends this week for the field of people who want to be mayor of the Bold New City of the South.

I have a feeling this mayoral race is going to be a doozy. We see right now that party affiliation is a hot topic so can a Democrat break the Republican choke hold on the job????

Alvin Brown (no relation to Corrine) is the only Democrat whos raised some decent money, but lets be honest Duval ready for a black mayor. Color shouldnt matter, but I would be a fool to say that it doesnt..


By the way….. Alvin if you want my vote, Update your website more often!!!!!!

Lets see if this race be free of partisan politics..  or like I call them POLITRICKS????