Monday Night Cursing….. I mean Football

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After last night, we think that 2 Monday Night Football games is 1 too many….   Don’t get us wrong , here at FishbowlJax we love football, but it was just too much.    Maybe if that last game were 2 better teams…..

What actually made our night was former NFL QB, now broadcaster Ron Jaworski letting the curse words fly..   LOVED IT!!!!!   Why not let the broadcasters drop a few here and there to get their points across????  Watch/listen to the video below…


Poor Abel

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You may not know who this guy is….   Well, this is Abel Harding, the spokesman for Mayor Alvin Brown and former columnist for the Times -Union

Well it seems that old Abel had a real good time in Gainesville at the Gator game Saturday night.  On his way home he was arrested for DUI in Hampton, FL (which is a small one-red light town on highway 301).

Abel has been placed on administrative leave from City Hall.




Jags start the season off right…… 1-0

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Well with David Garrard gone, there was a huge question mark about our Jacksonville Jaguars.

Having a rock solid running game, that all but ran thru the Tennessee Titans, and a Defense that had a sack on the first play of the game.

Final Score: Jacksonville 16  Tennessee 14

Let’s just hope that The Colts don’t sign David and he comes back to haunt us….

Drive By Mayor…..

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Duval County Schools are back in session and Mayor Alvin Brown made a point to visit a few this week. 

Now here is where it gets a little sticky…..  School Board officials were a little upset about the Mayor just “POPPING” up and not calling ahead.

School Board Chairman W.C. Gentry said: “Neither the mayor, nor me, nor you should go tromping around our schools.”

Get the hell outta here…..  He is the Mayor of the city, and maybe kids need to see him in the school to know that he cares.   Also maybe some of these schools need a “Drive-By” to stay on their toes.

We’ve been Gone……… Fishing…..

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Hello loyal FISHBOWLJAX readers…

We’ve been gone…… fishing for a few days, but we have returned.  We know we have missed a few things like the Sharks winning Arena Bowl, The Jags first pre-season game,  Mayor Brown dropping the axe of a few long time city worker, etc..

Don’t forget if you have any gossip for us, drop us a line at:

The Jags are BACK…..

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Well the boys are back…..  Today starts Jaguar NFL training camp 2011.  There was over 2K fans on hand tonight, as well as Mayor Alvin Brown and former players.

The past 48 hours have been kinda hectic with all the new rules, and free agency signings.

How do you think we will do this year?????   Go Jags!!!!!!

Jacksonville…. Home of the Weather God!!!

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How crazy it is that Rush Limbaugh was giving props to WJXT TV-4’s God of weather George Winterling.

Well we all know that Rush just runs his mouth and blows more hot air than a hair dryer…. well he made mention on his radio show that the heat index was “manufactured by the government” to explain what it feels like when the humidity is added to the temperature.  Later in the show Limbaugh admitted he did a little research and learned the heat index “was developed in 1978 by a guy named George Winterling.”

The true story is that jacksonville’s very own George Winterling said he remembers how mid-summer humidity made everything feel sticky and a lot hotter. So he came up with “humiture,” adding a temperature equivalent moisture factor to the summer readings.  The next year the Weather Service adopted it as the summer counterpart of the wind-chill factor, calling it the heat index.

That is why George is the weather GOD!!!!!  Check out his hurricane blog at

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