Monday Night Cursing….. I mean Football

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After last night, we think that 2 Monday Night Football games is 1 too many….   Don’t get us wrong , here at FishbowlJax we love football, but it was just too much.    Maybe if that last game were 2 better teams…..

What actually made our night was former NFL QB, now broadcaster Ron Jaworski letting the curse words fly..   LOVED IT!!!!!   Why not let the broadcasters drop a few here and there to get their points across????  Watch/listen to the video below…


JOCKEY is riding Tim Tebow…..

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Ok…   I thought the fact that there is a billboard on I-10 with Tim Tebow was enough….

But the good old people at Jockey have launched a new TV ad with our hometown hero (That was a joke people).

Maybe his christian values are the reason he is not modeling underwear………. YET.

Now let’s all run out and get new T-shirts because Tim say so…..

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Morning TV Shake Up…..

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Starting on Monday, February 6, on WAWS/WTEV……  Tera and Mike Barz will host a new wake up chat  show.

So what does this mean for Dawn Lopez?????

I actually just wanted to post a picture of Dawn…   (I think she is HOT!!!!)