We’ve been Gone……… Fishing…..

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Hello loyal FISHBOWLJAX readers…

We’ve been gone…… fishing for a few days, but we have returned.  We know we have missed a few things like the Sharks winning Arena Bowl, The Jags first pre-season game,  Mayor Brown dropping the axe of a few long time city worker, etc..

Don’t forget if you have any gossip for us, drop us a line at: FISHBOWLJAX@gmail.com


Just Plain Nasty!!!!!!!

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I consider the staff here at FishbowlJax foodies.  I mean we love to partake in a great meal with some nice sprits if available.

Well we were surprised when a few dining spots that we have been too were closed because of Health violations.  Yes… let’s call them out shall we:

Basil Thai & Sushi, 1004 Hendricks Ave….  Which had to basically close during lunch last friday for 11 violations, of which seven were deemed critical by the inspector, including:

• 75 live roaches were found under the kitchen’s grill unit.

• Rice bags stored on the floor.

• Raw beef and seafood were stored improperly.

• Potentially hazardous food thawed in standing water.

• Cooked rice stored improperly.

Also these restaurants were temporarily closed over the last few months…..   They all did take care of the issues and were re-opened in next day.

May 24: Jenkins Quality BBQ, 830 Pearl St. (rodent activity)

May 4: Steak N Shake, 9560 N. Regency Square Blvd. (roach activity)

April 26: Vito’s Pizzeria, 1101 Blanding Blvd., Orange Park (roach activity)

April 19: Hing Lung Sushi, 7159 Phillips Highway (roach activity)

March 18: Country Cabin, 3646 Blanding Blvd. (roach activity)

March 8: Burger King (2297 Kingsley Ave., Orange Park (roach activity)

Shark Chum…….. WTF???

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OK…   I have just about seen it all….   I’m trying to be cool and accepting with our Arena Football team the Jacksonville Sharks

I went to 2 games the first season, and I have gone to 1 game this season and I really though they were headed in the right direction. Their PA guy Josh Jackson, who also works for EWC and handled duties for the Jax Giants, is good and energetic.

We broke the news right here at FishbowlJax that they were now working with DJ Chill Will who handles music for the Jaguars along with Sirius/XM……

Then I guess someone whispered into Sharks owner Jeff Bouchy‘s ear…  “We Need a Mascot”

We actually like the name “CHUM”….  But why not have a shark costume?    In fact don’t they have like this ultimate fan guy who dresses up like a shark every game..  Why not HIRE him????

Well CHUM…   the name fits because you my friend look like a piece of cut up bloody bait?

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Facebook Thuggin

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And I thought JEA was bad!!!!!  

Melanie Beacham of St. Petersburg owed about $400 on a car loan and was getting calls from her creditor who just happens to be Jacksonville based Mark One Financial.

Since the phone calls weren’t working…..  Mark One located Melanie on Facebook and started sending her and her family messages on the social website.  

After being totally embarrassed, she found a lawyer and sued.  This week Mark One Financial was ordered by the judge to not contact Melanie Beacham’s family or friends on Facebook.  

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You Wrong Reggie……… WRONG!!!!!

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Former JSO lieutenant Reginald Lott was arrested this week and charged with organized fraud and grand theft.

According to police reports, Lott stole $91,000 from the Brotherhood of Police Officers, a fraternal and charitable organization made up of JSO members, between June 2009 and January 31.

Not only was this jerk making damn near $90K a year (he’s a 22-year JSO vet) but he stole from other officers and kids…   The Brotherhood does alot with P.A.L (Police Athletic League).    Then he retires before they could fire him.

The crazy thing is that he will still be allowed to keep his pension, since he didn’t steal from the city.  He still is going to have the stamp of THIEF on him!!!!!


Freaky Billy Sheppard

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Renowned local lawyer William Sheppard was allegedly caught getting a “Back Rub” in his car by his “Assistant”….

Since he knows the law, when the officer told him to get out the car he refused and was “removed” from the car.

JSO officers also found some cigarettes that contained a different strand of tobacco….. (wink wink)

I just think that his assistant was giving her boss a Valentines Day gift….

I guess it doesn’t help that Attorney Sheppard is 69 years old huh?????

Way To Go Donna!!!!!!!!!

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I would like to praise everyone who had anything to do with the 26.2 with Donna event.  This is a great event and to see it grow to the magnitude that it is now is awesome!!!!!!!


And to Donna Deegan…..   I think you have beaten cancer like 3 times !!!!   I salute you!!!!!

You Go Girl!!!!!!!

It seems like only yesterday when your name was Donna Hicken and your were married to the best damn sports anchor in Jacksonville, but you cheated on him with that orange tanned weather man Tim Deegan


But you guys are married now so I guess all is forgiven….

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