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So Mayor Alvin Brown is in Brazil with Governor Rick Scott…  “we are securing future jobs, business for Jax port, blah, blah, blah…”

 Here at FishbowlJax….  we know why men go to Brazil…    LOL…

 If we were mayor, I don’t think we would have missed the Monday Night Football game… would you???


Meet your new Mayor………

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Meet the New Mayor of Jacksonville…..   After counting more ballots Alvin Brown was 1,648 votes ahead of  Mike Hogan.

These results will not be finalized until Thursday, the margin was enough to avoid a runoff and to cause Hogan to release a statement conceding the race to Brown.

Too Close To Call

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7+7…..  10+4……  equal 14..    I’m sure we all have 14 friend or of course know 14 people….

Well with 98 percent of the vote’s counted, the race for mayor of Jacksonville is spit 50/50 between Mike Hogan and Alvin Brown.

With over 2,000 ballots to be counted tomorrow morning, we won’t know who will be Jacksonville’s next mayor tonight.

Election Day!!!!!!! 1 hour to go!!!!!

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Ok …   Up for grabs is the new Mayor, tax collector and six council seats including three at-large.

Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland is saying that voter turnout could be close to 35 percent for this  election.

There is about one more hour until polls close at 7pm.   Who’s going to be the new Mayor of Jacksonville??????


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As the runoff election gets closer…  Everyone wants as much info as they can get from the candidates. 

Well today there was a Mayoral debate….   if that’s what you want to call it.  We here at FishbowlJAX don’t understand how it’s a debate when it’s closed off to the public????  When only members of this private political club are the only people who can attend or ask questions???  Come on!!!!!!
Today at the University Club…   Alvin Brown and Mike Hogan had a little debate… or a meeting….  Hell it may have just been lunch…
Who agreed to have this private?    The next debate will be televised on Channel 4 on 4/25.



Not The Same Person!!!!!!

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After a few conversations this week….  We felt the need to post this:

No matter what people tell you…….  All Black People Don’t Look Alike!!!!!

The guy on the left ran for mayor in 2003… (Nat Glover)  The guy on the right is PRESENTLY running for mayor….. (Alvin Brown).

Brown is much better speaker, and depending on how he does in the upcoming debates, he just may pull off an upset…



POLITRICKS at it’s best!!!!!

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Here at FISHBOWLJAX…..  We love to break stories….    I think we were the first to talk about this months ago…

It’s so crazy how Rep. Reginald Fullwood said he was living at a house (which was actually his mother in laws house) when actually him and his wife live somewhere else….

Then basically he won an election to represent a area he doesn’t even live in..  Randall Smith, who ran against Fullwood and lost, along with a lot of other people smelled the s*%t from a mile away.

Well today Reggie was sanctioned by the House and fined $1,220.  WTF?????

SO it’s ok for politicians to lie and get elected???   The House needed to kick his lying ass out, but it’s just POLITRICKS at it’s best!!!!


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