Praise God…… and pay JEA

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This should make JEA realize how crazy high their rates are…

It’s so bad that The Bridge Church of Jacksonville will pay the electric bills of people who attend their Easter Sunday service.

This is the 2nd year that the church has done this, and families who want a chance to have their JEA bill paid must register at and of course also must attend the April 24 service.  The church will pay up to eight families bills.



JEA is the MOB

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It is so crazy that The Duval Mafia aka JEA turned off a family’s power because they owed 10 cents.

10 CENT!!!!    10 pennies……  2 nickles…….. a dime……..  

The good Rev. Roderick Love couldn’t press his suit for church.

If you didn’t see it click HERE.