Weekend Events!!!

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This smoke really had the FishbowlJax staff on our heels…  Smoke outside the building, Smoke inside the building….ENOUGH!!!!

This weekend we look forward to going to the Jacksonville Sharks game on tomorrow.  Those guys have been playing some great arena football, and beat Orlando last week by 1 point!!!!!   Also we will be co-sponsoring a little after game get together at the Aloft Tapestry Park (right off Southside Blvd) immediately after the game Saturday night.

Oh yeah….. and DJ Chill Will will be on the 1’s, & 2’s !!!  Do people still say that???




Shark Chum…….. WTF???

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OK…   I have just about seen it all….   I’m trying to be cool and accepting with our Arena Football team the Jacksonville Sharks

I went to 2 games the first season, and I have gone to 1 game this season and I really though they were headed in the right direction. Their PA guy Josh Jackson, who also works for EWC and handled duties for the Jax Giants, is good and energetic.

We broke the news right here at FishbowlJax that they were now working with DJ Chill Will who handles music for the Jaguars along with Sirius/XM……

Then I guess someone whispered into Sharks owner Jeff Bouchy‘s ear…  “We Need a Mascot”

We actually like the name “CHUM”….  But why not have a shark costume?    In fact don’t they have like this ultimate fan guy who dresses up like a shark every game..  Why not HIRE him????

Well CHUM…   the name fits because you my friend look like a piece of cut up bloody bait?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

There is a CHILL in the air…….

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I’m hearing that The Jacksonville Sharks have hired DJ Chill Will who also does the music for  the Jacksonville Jaguars.

This will be a great improvement because the last game I attended it really sucked!!   I just hope that he doesn’t play Sweet Home Alabama……