Jacksonville…. Home of the Weather God!!!

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How crazy it is that Rush Limbaugh was giving props to WJXT TV-4’s God of weather George Winterling.

Well we all know that Rush just runs his mouth and blows more hot air than a hair dryer…. well he made mention on his radio show that the heat index was “manufactured by the government” to explain what it feels like when the humidity is added to the temperature.  Later in the show Limbaugh admitted he did a little research and learned the heat index “was developed in 1978 by a guy named George Winterling.”

The true story is that jacksonville’s very own George Winterling said he remembers how mid-summer humidity made everything feel sticky and a lot hotter. So he came up with “humiture,” adding a temperature equivalent moisture factor to the summer readings.  The next year the Weather Service adopted it as the summer counterpart of the wind-chill factor, calling it the heat index.

That is why George is the weather GOD!!!!!  Check out his hurricane blog at justweather.com


Clear Channel Jacksonville Tries Again…..

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So the radio format wheel spins again….  

WFKS-97.9FM (the station formally known as KISS-FM) changed today to Radio Now 97.9……  Going from hit pop music to adult contemporary.


KISS really only competed with WAPE – 95.1.  But of course it wasn’t really a battle royal because the Big Ape constantly whipped their ass in the ratings.

Since Clear Channel wasn’t able to “Spank the Monkey”….  Let’s see if this new format helps…..    

Will this be the new home of Lex & Terry?????

The Boys Are Back!!!!

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Just got confirmation that Lex & Terry are returning to Jacksonville to cause all kinda of madness in the morning. 

Not really sure why they are coming back on 1010XL sports, but The Boys Are Back!!!!!


The Real Housewives of………… Channel 4

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Did anyone else see Chanel 4 reporters Melanie Lawson and Staci Spanos do a rip off of The Real Housewives of Atlanta

They posed for a alter-ego photo shot, where you take a regular picture then one of your wannabe alter ego.

Melanie’s alter ego is Beyonce, and I’m still trying to figure out who Staci is…  Pat Benatar?  One of the Go-Go’s??  

Check out the pictures HERE.

This smells a bit fishy to me…….

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If you know anything about news or television…..  It’s all about the ratings….

Who has the story FIRST or that exclusive interview…. Which channel has the best lead story….

It is crazy to me that Channel 4 is reporting that one of their reporters (Hailey Winslow) was trying to get some of that good Pollo Tropical chicken when her car just burst into flames…..  Oh My!!!!!


It just so happened that a fellow reporter was on the scene (Emily Turner) and that chief meteorologist John Gaughan came to her rescue.  I guess he and his wife were trying to get some of that good chicken too.

First of all I am glad that Hailey is ok and not hurt in any way, but this sounds like a plant story to me……..

All this was happening and someone (I assume another Channel 4 employee) had the time to snap pictures???

This would have never gone down on if George Winterling was there!!!!!


Who’s Bright Idea Was……..

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Who’s idea was it to put a billboard with Tim Tebow in his underwear on I-10?????    I swear you Gators are a mess!!!!!!

Who’s idea was it to close Crawdaddy’s?    I miss that place….   Their Sunday Brunch was good!!!!

Who’s idea was it to get rid of that chick on 93.3 The Beat…..  and satellite  some chick in from New Orleans???  (Uptown Angela)   She don’t know nothing about Duval…   I swear Clear Channel has screwed up radio in Jax…..

That’s what happens when you think a GM with a country radio background can run Urban, Alternative and Pop stations…

Folio’s 2010 Man of the Year….

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I’m a fan of Folio Weekly….   The No Holds Barred, Ball-Busting attitude they take towards media and reporting is refreshing…  It was also refreshing to see them choose UNF Professor Parvez Ahmed as their 2010 Person of the Year.  That gets a BOUQUET!!!!!!! (you gotta read Folio to get it)

Well speaking of UNF Professors…. Ognjen Milatovic was taken off a US Airways flight today and arrested for not turning off his cell-phone and acting all squirrelly. 

When will people learn???  The TSA is almost as gangsta as the IRS… you will go to jail…   Ask Wesley Snipes!!!!!!

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