Today we received an email that said ….

Ladies who can’t make it as a Jacksonville Jaguar cheerleader…   have to settle on cheering for the Jacksonville Sharks…..


And ladies who can’t make the Sharks squad……  become a Jacksonville Axe Maiden cheerleader….      and If you can’t make the Axe Maiden squad….  You SUCK!!!!!!!!!!


Well we pride ourself here at FishbowlJax to give it to you straight so I’m going to tell you the truth..

Are there different degrees of Cheerleader HOTNESS!!!!  YES!!!!!

Does that mean that The ROAR of the Jaguars has the Hottest squad, then it trickles down to the Axe Maidens????    NO!!!!!!

It’s the way of the world…..  each squad only has so many slots, and everyone can’t be on top…..


I do notice that some ladies have worked their way up to the ROAR squad from the Axe Maidens,  and some ladies have gone from the ROAR to the Axe Maidens.

These beautiful ladies obviously love to dance and entertain so we wish them luck on whatever squad they end up on…..

You know they could be on a pole at WACKO’S…….