It’s HOT over on St. Johns Bluff……..

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Well, once again UNF is in the national news.  HPV is a serious thing, and what better way to get attention of the students than to use this picture on the front of the school paper…..

You know this makes me wish I had gone to UNF..


An open letter to UNF

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Dear UNF….

Could you please get your students under control.   This African American Student Union (AASU) stuff is really not giving the school good press.

You actually thought that naming a white student to be one of the leaders of a black organization was going to be ok?????  You may want to think again.  



FYI..  The AASU will no longer be under Student Government, but under the Intercultural Center for Peace in Student Affairs.

It’s good to be…….. EWC

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Former Jacksonville Sheriff Nat Glover is now the president of Edward Waters College…..

Nat took over (and cleaned house) as interim president last May, and last weekend the board of trustees accepted his permanent appointment to the position.

This really a great for the school…  Nat is an alumnus of the school, so I know he has pride in seeing it grow.   He has already balanced the budget and welcomed one of the largest freshman classes in school history.

Damn… Maybe we should have let Nat be Mayor!!!!!!