Ernest goes to court……..

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Former Jaguar Ernest Wilford had his day in court today…….  


When we first reported this story in January about Ernest getting into it with Jax Beach Police and having to be finally hit with the TASER……  We really, really, really gave him  the benefit of the doubt…..  With all his charity work it was just so out of his character, but obviously we were wrong….


Today he plead no contest to resisting arrest and the count of trespassing was dropped.  There had to be some truth in this situation, but since we weren’t there we will leave it alone…….


The good news is that the judge withheld adjudication which means that this is not really on his record.


Quinn Gray….. Quits

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Former Jacksonville Jaguar and Andrew Jackson High School football coach Quinn Gray wanted to stay, but since it looks like the DCSB will be cutting athletics from schools next year…   He is moving on…


“I probably wouldn’t be leaving Jackson if there wasn’t so much uncertainty for next year in Duval high schools…….. “It’s scary and I have to do what’s best for my family. The chance of us not playing football was the deciding factor for me.”


Quinn has accepted an assistant coaching position with Florida A&M University, his alma mater. He will be the new QB coach.


Welcome Home Double D!!!!!

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Just about a week after the Jags signed Paul Spicer to a one day contract so that he could retire a Jaguar…  They did it again for former safety Donovin Darius.  

Double D was a 1st round pick in 1998 and played with the team until 2006. He started in all 115 games he played, which ranks 10th in Jaguars history, and is hands down one of the best defensive backs in team history.

He was also very active in the Jacksonville community and you can tell from the picture one of the hardest hitters we ever had!!!!!

I’m still waiting on Fred Taylor and Mark Brunell to sign one-day contracts and retire Jaguars soon.


Jags add a little SPICE!!!!!!!

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The Jacksonville Jaguars signed Paul Spicer to a one-day deal today…….  So he could retire a Jaguar. He’ll go on their reserved-retired list tomorrow.

Spicer spent nine years with the Jags and was a major part of the playoff teams in 2005 and 2007.

Many people didn’t know that Paul never really left DUVALLLLLLLLLL

The Jags cut him in 2009 and he went on to the New Orleans Saints that year and got a Super Bowl ring, but Paul and his wife stayed here during the offseason.

Now we are just waiting on Fred Taylor to do the same thing and sign his one-day contract….



Go Ernest….. It’s Your Birthday!!!!

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Some people go all out when celebrating their Birthday, and when I first heard about this situation I said that maybe that is what happened.

It seems that former Jaguar Ernest Wilford spent a few hours of his birthday downtown and I’m not talking about at Marks or the Dive Bar…..

Ernest has always been in the community and a pretty cool guy so I had to do a little digging about what happened…..     I mean this is the same guy who cut off his dredlocks to raise money for Wolfson Children’s Hospital..

Well whispers in the street say that Ernest was out at the Ritz enjoying his birthday, and  someone said he was acting unruly…

It’s some he says- she says stuff going on, and if you know anything about the Jax Beach Police…. aka the wanna be JSO officers.

Well officers arrived, I heard one grabbed Ernest from behind, with him not seeing that it was a officer…….. blah, blah, blah…..   The out comes the taser…..

He was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and trespassing….

Ernest updated his Facebook page after being released:  My name is the most important thing I have, I WILL fight back…