Drive By Mayor…..

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Duval County Schools are back in session and Mayor Alvin Brown made a point to visit a few this week. 

Now here is where it gets a little sticky…..  School Board officials were a little upset about the Mayor just “POPPING” up and not calling ahead.

School Board Chairman W.C. Gentry said: “Neither the mayor, nor me, nor you should go tromping around our schools.”

Get the hell outta here…..  He is the Mayor of the city, and maybe kids need to see him in the school to know that he cares.   Also maybe some of these schools need a “Drive-By” to stay on their toes.



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Most statewide reading and math results on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test changed little from 2010, but that was expected because a new scoring scale is not yet ready to measure tougher standards tested for the first time this year.

In Duval County, schools showed improvement in 11 areas and declines in seven areas, but Superintendent Ed Pratt-Dannals says comparisons to past years are not very valid because this year’s tests are being measured on a curve. (A curve???  WTF????)
School grades will come out next month, and the fate of four struggling schools remains up in the air until those grades are released.
Andrew Jackson, Raines, Ribault high schools, and NorthshoreK-8 must show improvement in order to remain open under the current administration, but the FCAT score is only one factor in high schools’ overall grades.
Those three high schools showed improvement in math scores, while reading scores at Jackson and Ribault dropped slightly and Raines’ reading scores went up in ninth grade and down in 10th grade.

What’s Wrong W.C.????

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This is a picture of W. C. Gentry….  can you tell that the school board meeting last Thursday was a doozie….


After months of bickering with the state while showing a united front, school board members turned on each other and voted 4-3 to hand control of Andrew Jackson, Raines and Ribault high schools and North Shore K-8 over to the district-created Duval Partners for Excellent Education.


That hand-off would occur only if the schools don’t improve on this year’s Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.

Quinn Gray….. Quits

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Former Jacksonville Jaguar and Andrew Jackson High School football coach Quinn Gray wanted to stay, but since it looks like the DCSB will be cutting athletics from schools next year…   He is moving on…


“I probably wouldn’t be leaving Jackson if there wasn’t so much uncertainty for next year in Duval high schools…….. “It’s scary and I have to do what’s best for my family. The chance of us not playing football was the deciding factor for me.”


Quinn has accepted an assistant coaching position with Florida A&M University, his alma mater. He will be the new QB coach.


School Board Cuts……….

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How would you feel if high school sports programs disappear??????

This school board budget stuff is just getting totally out of hand.

Let’s save some $$$………… damn the kids!!!

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Once again the Duval County School board has made me laugh…..  earlier this week it was about the teacher…  Now they are trying to make ends meet with next year’s budget, and are thinking about having a 4-day school week instead of  a 5-day.

If that ain’t the dumbest thing……

The idea was suggested by School Board Chairman W.C. Gentry during a budget workshop Tuesday. He said it potentially could save the district millions in savings in bus operations, utilities, custodial services and many other services.

School Board member Tommy Hazouri said it may not be a popular idea, but we need to look at all options…

State of Florida rules require students to be in school for enough hours to add up to 180 days, but don’t specify that they couldn’t go to school more hours each day and cut back on the number of days in the classroom.


Oooops……….. A $150K mistake…..

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A Duval County teacher fired nearly two years ago over accusations she mistreated an autistic child has been given her job back with benefits and back pay……

Her name is Rhona Silver and she has been teaching since 1977 with no disciplinary action on her record.  I repeat… TEACHING SINCE 1977…….   But the Duval County School Board investigators believed an aide and an intern who obviously had it out for this lady….

Rhonda was initially arrested and charged with child abuse…….  which we have found out was some B.S.

Yesterday Rhonda was reinstated and the DCSB will be cutting her a nice check for over $150K …  (back pay/benefits)



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