Tiger goes Limp

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After 9 holes of golf …..Tiger Woods went limp…..  Well he said his knee was hurting, but I think it was all the bogeys he had shot on those first 9 holes.

Remember Tiger withdrew from last year’s Players Championship in the last round because of a neck injury…  Or maybe it was to get some neck???


What’s up…… My Nickel

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I hate it when Duval County makes NATIONAL news, and we look all crazy….

Here is the situation…   Jax Bargin Plywood gets a local GOSPEL singer to sing their tag line in a new TV spot.

Then all of a sudden everyone thinks she said the N-WORD……

But you have to admit…..   This is kinda funny….


Here is the News Story on Channel 4….   Check out the lady that says “Everybody don’t put the end on their words”…. REALLY????   This is about as entertaining as BET

Yeah… Right…..

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So the Norwood Plaza Flea Market was broken into and the police report says an estimated $1 Million in jewelry was stolen….  

Come on!!!!!   That whole building ain’t worth that much…..   They say the masked thieves came in there on some old Ocean’s Eleven type stuff…  using welding guns and saws, etc…

Wait a minute…   I’m still laughing about the estimated $1 million in jewelry….  In the Gateway area…..    

Besides everybody knows that Curley’s Gold is the only legitimate jewelry dealer in that area.. (wink wink)