It’s no secret that Clear Channel sucks… They are the big bad media company that owns most of the radio stations here in Jacksonville and the ONLY thing they care about is  … MONEY!

If you listen to their radio product, it’s cookie cutter, repackaged crap that is for the most part syndicated in from other markets.   Clear Channel outdoor has slowly become a force in billboard advertising. With the radio arm losing money, outdoor was making strides and providing some cash flow.

This week Clear Channel outdoor in Orlando turned off digital billboards that were purchased by the Jacksonville Sharks for their game against the Orlando Predators tomorrow night.   We talked about the bad blood and billboards that the Predators purchased here in Jax a few weeks ago.

These digital billboards were totally interactive and Sharks fans could tweet messages that would be shown on the board in Orlando.  (of course after they had been reviewed for profanity or other bad stuff). 

Well everything seemed to be going well until fans started talking about Dwight Howard and Walt Disney.  

Example:  ‘”The Predators are so bad,  not only does Dwight want to leave, the mouse wants to leave,”

Obviously Clear Channel didn’t want any flack from Disney or the Magic so they turned off the boards yesterday, and we hear that they are refunding the Sharks the money they paid for the Billboards.

Well……. We expect nothing less from a company that allows a 45+ year old man to talk to young girls on the radio/phone nightly like he is their pimp.  Yes I’m talking about 93.3 The Beat….   The FishbowlJax doesn’t bite our tongue.