I consider the staff here at FishbowlJax foodies.  I mean we love to partake in a great meal with some nice sprits if available.

Well we were surprised when a few dining spots that we have been too were closed because of Health violations.  Yes… let’s call them out shall we:

Basil Thai & Sushi, 1004 Hendricks Ave….  Which had to basically close during lunch last friday for 11 violations, of which seven were deemed critical by the inspector, including:

• 75 live roaches were found under the kitchen’s grill unit.

• Rice bags stored on the floor.

• Raw beef and seafood were stored improperly.

• Potentially hazardous food thawed in standing water.

• Cooked rice stored improperly.

Also these restaurants were temporarily closed over the last few months…..   They all did take care of the issues and were re-opened in next day.

May 24: Jenkins Quality BBQ, 830 Pearl St. (rodent activity)

May 4: Steak N Shake, 9560 N. Regency Square Blvd. (roach activity)

April 26: Vito’s Pizzeria, 1101 Blanding Blvd., Orange Park (roach activity)

April 19: Hing Lung Sushi, 7159 Phillips Highway (roach activity)

March 18: Country Cabin, 3646 Blanding Blvd. (roach activity)

March 8: Burger King (2297 Kingsley Ave., Orange Park (roach activity)