If you know anything about news or television…..  It’s all about the ratings….

Who has the story FIRST or that exclusive interview…. Which channel has the best lead story….

It is crazy to me that Channel 4 is reporting that one of their reporters (Hailey Winslow) was trying to get some of that good Pollo Tropical chicken when her car just burst into flames…..  Oh My!!!!!


It just so happened that a fellow reporter was on the scene (Emily Turner) and that chief meteorologist John Gaughan came to her rescue.  I guess he and his wife were trying to get some of that good chicken too.

First of all I am glad that Hailey is ok and not hurt in any way, but this sounds like a plant story to me……..

All this was happening and someone (I assume another Channel 4 employee) had the time to snap pictures???

This would have never gone down on if George Winterling was there!!!!!