Who is Kimberly Daniels……  Let the media tell it she’s a whore who has turned her life around and is now running for Jacksonville City Council.

I’m a firm believer in 2nd chances so why they gotta call this lady out like that???

Obviously she is very open about her past.. (her website says so)

She she writes that she “spiraled into a lifestyle of prostitution and drugs.”…   So a whore and a crack head…  hmmmmmm

Ok I will get serious….  This was over 15 years ago and she now preaches to people around the world and in Jacksonville, at the church she founded called Spoken Word Ministries.  BRAVO!!!!!


She is running as the Democratic candidate for At-Large Group 1. Steve Burnett, who has no party affiliation and Republican David Taylor are running against Daniels…. Lets just hope they don’t bring up past discretions……

The primary election in Duval County is March 22nd.