Some people go all out when celebrating their Birthday, and when I first heard about this situation I said that maybe that is what happened.

It seems that former Jaguar Ernest Wilford spent a few hours of his birthday downtown and I’m not talking about at Marks or the Dive Bar…..

Ernest has always been in the community and a pretty cool guy so I had to do a little digging about what happened…..     I mean this is the same guy who cut off his dredlocks to raise money for Wolfson Children’s Hospital..

Well whispers in the street say that Ernest was out at the Ritz enjoying his birthday, and  someone said he was acting unruly…

It’s some he says- she says stuff going on, and if you know anything about the Jax Beach Police…. aka the wanna be JSO officers.

Well officers arrived, I heard one grabbed Ernest from behind, with him not seeing that it was a officer…….. blah, blah, blah…..   The out comes the taser…..

He was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and trespassing….

Ernest updated his Facebook page after being released:  My name is the most important thing I have, I WILL fight back…