So a few hundred people turned out last night at Raines High School to come up with ideas on how to help Duval County’s worse schools….

I applaud this effort but is it too late? There is some great history in Raines, Ribault and Andrew Jackson.  I’m not to familiar with North Shore so I can’t speak on it.

But the 3 urban schools just don’t have the community support around them to support their past greatness. 

Here is my issue(s) with the African-America community in Jacksonville.  Who gives back? Hmm when I think about that question they only people that come to mind are MaliVai Washington (The MaliVai Kids Foundation) and the stuff Tony Boselli was attempting to do a few years back and E. Denise Lee was fighting him on…

I know that there is other things going on but I’m just not knowledgeable about them.  But where are all the mentor programs, music programs, etc.  I think I rememberformer NFL player Leroy Butler doing a pop warner league, but what else.

Let’s start with the local media…  It seems that on TV every crime that happens in Jax is on the northside.  We all know that aint true, but perception is reality.

Radio…  What has local radio done for the African American community besides put a 50 year old man (Easy-E) on the air to talk to the kids about nothing and say “Ghost”.  That’s what the parents need to protest about. The ignorant s#*& that 93.3 the beat plays and the buffoons they employ affects the kids…    Also the parents co-sign this crap when you praise your child for knowing a Lil Wayne song, and they can barely read or count the correct change in the store.

Also stop letting your kids…. especially daughters who are under 16-17yrs old look like grown ass women.  Some of the stuff I see these kids wear at the mall or out is ridiculous.  

I guess what I’m trying to say is if we want our schools to get better, it’s going to take the teachers, parents and the community to help.